2021 2nd International Conference on Green Development and Environmental Science and Technology (ICGDE 2021)
ICGDE 2021 held an online academic exchange meeting on August 13, and the conference was successfully held!

ICGDE 2021 held an online academic exchange meeting on August 13, and the conference was successfully held!

ICGDE 2021 Review 

ICGDE 2021 was successfully held online on August 13! We are very grateful to the experts and scholars for their support. The conference organized by AEIC. There were 74 participants in the conference, including four guests and more than 70 participants.

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 Prof. Shanquan Wang, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University

Speech Title: Mechanistic insights into organic carbon-driven water blackening and odorization of urban


Prof. Muhammad Tayyab Sohail, Faculty of Public Administration, Xiangtan University

Speech Title: Exploring the drinking water quality and linked health risks Assessment in metropolis


 Prof. Haitao li, Institute for Energy Research, Jiangsu University, China

Speech Title: Low Dimensional Carbon For Green Catalysis


Prof. M.Shahidul Islam, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Speech Title: A Roadmap to Achieve Economic and Environmental Sustainability

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Oral Speeches 1: Prof. Zhongju Liao(廖中举), Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Title: The content analysis of China's new energy vehicle policy: Based on policy instruments and industrial value chain

Oral Speeches 2: Xinyu Wen (温心语), Qinghai University for Nationalities, China

Title: On ecological Protection-From the perspective of Qinghai Lake

Oral Speeches 2: Keyang Zheng(郑科阳), Hebei University of science and technology, China

Title: Strategies for improving fluorescent properties of carbon quantum dots and their applications in environmental protection

Oral Speeches 2: Xinyi Li(李心怡), Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China

Title: Impacts of exogenous mineral silicon on cadmium migration and transformation in the soil-rice system and on soil health

Oral Speeches 2: Qinlin Wen (文钦琳), from Shanghai Ocean University, China

Title: Study on the Population Succession Patterns of the Southern Yellow Sea Green Tide

Oral Speeches 2: Chengwei Xie (谢成伟), from Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Title: Sensorless Control of Vehicle-mounted PMSM Based on Improved Sliding Mode Observer

Oral Speeches 2: You Yang (游洋), from National Engineering Research Center for Marine Aquaculture, Zhejiang Ocean University

Title: Hydrodynamic characteristics of a solar aquaculture platform

Oral Speeches 2: Meilin Fu (符美琳), from Shanghai Ocean University

Title: Controlling the main source of green tides in the Yellow Sea through the method of biological competition

Oral Speeches 2: Jianfeng Liu(刘健峰), from Yangzhou University

Title: Study on the Pump Unit and Hydraulic Design of Inflow Channel in Tonglu Canal Pump Station

Oral Speeches 2: Zhongwei Wu (吴忠维), from China University of  Petroleum (East China)

Title: A case of glutenite reservoirs in Sha 4 member of Yong 1

Oral Speeches 2: Feng Chen (陈锋), from China University of Petroleum,Beijing

Title: Experimental investigation on the preparation and performance analysis of fibrous filters using various binders

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